Onto the attack with PCI parquet adhesives!

Parquetry flooring is very popular and in high demand. A parquet floor suggests solidity and value and creates a pleasant atmosphere. At the same time, it introduces a natural note to the living room.

If you are to enjoy a parquet floor for many years to come, proper preparation of the substrate and a full-surface bond are essential. PCI offers two parquet adhesives that cover almost all possible applications.

PAR 365 SMP parquet adhesive: the practical multi-use solution

The newly formulated PAR 365 SMP parquet adhesive with improved product properties is the all-rounder among the PCI parquet adhesives. It is designed for universal use with all types of wood, also on underfloor heating. The very low-emission, solvent-free adhesive is easy to spread and does not require any evaporation time. It is also suitable for laying parquetry in bathrooms; in combination with the flexible waterproofing membrane PCI Pecilastic W, PAR 365 offers a tested waterproof system.

PAR 362 powder parquet adhesive: the eco-friendly solution

Öffnet die Produktinformationen zu PAR 362 in einem neuen Fenster

Only PCI can offer a product like this: PAR 362 powder parquet adhesive is in line with the trend towards environmentally compatible building materials. This product does not contain any solvents, plasticizers or preservatives. PAR 362 can be used with all common types of parquetry, also on underfloor heating. Only a small quantity of water is required for mixing. The parquet adhesive forms a fast crystalline bond with the water, ensuring controlled swelling. PAR 362 offers rapid adhesion, high shear strength and a hard adhesive bed with plasto-elastic properties.

PAR 362 powder parquet adhesive and PAR 365 SMP parquet adhesive are examples of PCI’s “lean range” philosophy.